Smart address book
for your clients
Automation that helps you manage
and grow your client base
How it works

Import clients from your address book.
Organize all your clients in one place – keep your most valuable asset with you on the go.
Add notes, to-dos and follow up reminders for each client – birthdays, preferences, etc.
Use our library of templates to automate requests for feedback, referrals or even Yelp/Facebook/Google reviews!
Create your own templates to simplify your life. Great for welcome emails, seasonal specials, birthday offers or anything else.
Why use ClientUp?
Your clients are your biggest asset
Manage relationships to increase customer retention. It’s worth it, as acquiring a new customer costs 5x more than retaining an existing one!

Make existing customers your best advocates
Past customers are a great source of high quality referrals. Use our marketing templates (or create your own) to get more referrals and word of mouth sales.

Free your mind of the little details
Capture notes and follow up reminders in the app, so you can focus on your service and business.

Features that help you grow your business
Notes and to-dos (reminders coming soon)
Use small daily actions to generate leads and grow your business
Increase repeat business via text and email automation
Smart templates to stay top of mind and send instant specials, birthday offers, seasonal offers, and yearly outreach
Increase reviews and referrals
Templates for more Yelp, Facebook and Google reviews. Additional templates for referral requests.