About us
We’re on a mission to build delightful everyday experiences that make business owners more successful.

Small business powers our economy. We believe great mobile products can make business owners more effective, and as a result grow both their business and the broader economy.

We are focussed on the local service industry. Our customers include photographers, wellness therapists, personal trainers, landscapers, electricians, business consultants, and sales consultants.

Have an idea, question or feedback? Send us an email at hello@clientup.com. We read every message and respond within hours.
All of us have years of experience building products. We have been small business owners ourselves, and have also built products that are widely used.


Spent the last five years building a property rental business. Also built products at Microsoft, Twitter, and Thumbtack.


Started his career as a freelance programmer in Cuba. Later joined Google and helped to revamp Google Calendar for Android. Then spent some time working at Thumbtack.


Spent the last four years leading design teams at MINDBODY. Previously he designed products at Microsoft and he started his career as a freelance web designer.